Adidas Original running shoes EQT Support ADV 9316 BB1308 white

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Adidas Original running shoes EQT Support ADV 9316 BB1308 white18

The natural hard-leaf soccer shoes effectively wrap the feet to provide superior fit and a sense of touch. At the same time, the front outsole can help you break out on the field. They once wanted to have a pair of comfortable socks and fit feet. The shoes, adidas teamed up with programmers, engineers, and designers to form a strong team and launched a four-year research and development to develop advanced technology that aims to create a knitted upper that combines structural beauty with exceptional durability. A simple layer of material gives exceptional support, flexibility and breathability to specific areas of the upper. This creates a seamless, integrated upper that is light and plump and conforms to the foot. This innovative and accurate technology optimizes athletic performance while reducing material waste based on traditional tailoring and stitching techniques.   Outstanding fit The upper structure is an excellent cover for both feet, creating a firm fit like a second layer of skin.   Precision fast Create accurate touch and ball control experience in high speed sports.   Specific area grip performance The revolutionary forefoot outsole creates excellent grip for key parts. Solid and comfortable Natural hard grass (FG) spikes, designed for wet and short straw pitches Whatsapp: +8617077756152 Email: QQ: 1323036589 Wechat: hotbrandsale If you need any help, please keep free to contact with us. AliExpress Purchase link: ★★★★★ important ★★★★★★ Pls notice the model number and colors, Choose correct model number and correct colors to buy the Adidas !If you not sure, you can contact me(Whatsapp: +8617077756152)before you buy! DON'T write any information in order. DON'T contact me on aliexpress,if you have any question, contact me by whatsapp. DON'T leave feedback after transaction completed. if Adidas unfortunately damage during transportation,pls contact me by whatsapp, I will try my best to solve the problem. thank you!
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