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Best Quality Handbag ( Made of Real Leather ) From All Brands New Yupoo: Shanghai Largest Shoes-Clothing International Trading Co.,LTD We are serious and honest supplier since 2006, you can check our other buyers feedback: You can check our Other long term buyers’Daily Order real photos: More Latest products: Homepage: Latest Sneakers Garment & Clothing: NB, Adidas, Hiking shoes: Swiss movement watch: 1:1 Quality handbag: How to get price and How order from our Site???: You can Download Our Order Form and then fulfill it and email back for price! Instruction: 1) Please download the EXCEL ORDER FORM Or Word Document Order Form ---2)then Fulfill the ORDER FORM with products'Link Or photos from site and size, color, quanity you need. ---3)Email the ORDER FORM to Miss Sophia: Email/MSN: for total price! ---4)We will check whether all goods you need in stock or not and offer you price of each and total. ---5)You do the payment and then notice us payment info (WU-MTCN),(MG-Reference Number) we will send out orders within 24 hours after confirm your payment and email you tracking number! How to fulfill the ORDER FORM?? Check the following Sample Instruction: ----------------------2015 New Policy-------------------------------------- Payment: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram OR Bank Transfer (Big order by Wire transfer) Delivery way: EMS (5 to 7 business days), TNT, DHL (3days worldwide), China Post: 10usd only about 15 to 20 days NOTE: We will offer you a tracking number within 24 hours after payment is verified and then you can track your order by EMS link: And you will receive the items after 5 to 7 business days. thank you Discount Policy for Big order Discount Policy for Big order Order12 Items or More of The Same Item(s), We Will Provide You With a Wholesale price. -------------Latest Discount and Free shipping Policy for Big order------------ (It Is Ok To Order 1 Piece, But You Will Have To Add a $20 Shipping Fee) Order more than or equal 12 items, we will offer free shipping Via EMS to USA, Canada,UK, FRANCE, SPAIN, SINGAPORE 1.) Order 1 item is ok + $20 shipping fee Via EMS, (Or Via China Post: 10usd only, but about 15 to 20 days worldwide) 2.) Order 2-3 items + $15 Via EMS, 3.) Order 4-5 items + $10 Via EMS, 4.) Order 6-11 items: + $5 Shipping Fee, 5.) Order 12pcs Get Wholesale Price 6.) Order 16-28 items: will get 2% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 7.) Order Over 38 items: will get 4% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 8.) Order Over 58 items: will get 6% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 9.) Order Over 78 items: will get 8% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 10.) Order over 100 items: will get 10% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, Notice: 1.) The Accessories items like CK underwear, Belts, Sunglasses, Jewelry, caps, Ties, Wallets, etc do not fit for this discount policy, thanks 2.) The above shipping fee send by EMS. If goods sent to Holland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Hungary and some other Faraway areas, only by DHL for Successful, please add 25usd~38.9USD extra shipping fee for DHL, thanks SHIPPING FEE and Return POLICY: 1: China Airmail cost less 10usd/item to worldwide, but need 10 to 20 business days 2: EMS cost few more shipping fee, but bases on weight of your order, over 12 items (besides accessories items), free shipping fee to USA, Canada, UK, france, buyers 3: DHL, FEDEX, shipping fee: 25usd to 38usd of each gift parcel, only 3 to 4 days worldwide 4: Return Policy: If there are any products which you have picked up not satsify you, please contact our Customer SERVICE Representative firstly (the email you contact for order). We will check for you immediately. If the problem from our side like size, color, quantity. WE Will resend you after you return back, thanks You Can Track Your Orders via Following Shipping Company Official Sites: EMS: HK EMS; DHL: FEDEX: UPS: http://www.UPS.COM AIRMAIL: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If there any question, please feel free to contact Miss Sophia via email: Or via whatsapp, kik, yahoo messenger, also skype from our site, all ok! Notice: MORE EASY TO CONTACT VIA Email or SKYPE Contact via Email, Skype, Kik, Whatsapp,Yahoo messenger, or QQ Miss Sophia via email: Skype ID: SHTRADE.TONY Yahoo Messenger: tonycs1978 Whatsapp: +8618965578831 Kik ID: isupply_sneaker QQ: 1185297171 (please speak english, thanks) Enjoy Your Shopping Here! Sincerely Miss Sophia (GM)
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3169-lv artsy3

3168-lv artsy2

3167-lv artsy1

3166-lv Pegase 55 Rolling Luggage Damier canvas bag8

3165-lv Pegase 55 Rolling Luggage Damier canvas bag6

3164-lv Pegase 55 Rolling Luggage Damier canvas bag1

3163-lv Evidence Millionaire Sunglasses 3

3162-lv Evidence Millionaire Sunglasses 2

3161-lv Evidence Millionaire Sunglasses 1

3160-lv Eva clutch pouch5

3159-lv Eva clutch pouch4

3158-lv Eva clutch pouch1

3157-lv 13

3156-lv 12

3155-lv 08

3154-lv 07

3153-lv 02

3152-lv 01

3151-louboutin black studded Nevada bowler bag7

3150-louboutin black studded Nevada bowler bag4

3149-louboutin black studded Nevada bowler bag2

3148-louboutin Studded Bowler Bag6

3147-louboutin Studded Bowler Bag5

3146-louboutin Studded Bowler Bag2




3142-loewe sofia bag 11

3141-loewe sofia bag 05

3140-loewe sofia bag 02

3139-loewe loewe cruz large bag 3

3138-loewe loewe cruz large bag 2

3137-loewe loewe cruz large bag 1

3136-loewe flamenco 30 bag 34

3135-loewe flamenco 30 bag 33

3134-loewe flamenco 30 bag 32

3133-loewe flamenco 30 bag 28

3132-loewe flamenco 30 bag 27

3131-loewe flamenco 30 bag 23

3130-loewe cruz with dots bag 09

3129-loewe cruz with dots bag 08

3128-loewe cruz with dots bag 02

3127-loewe amazona bag beige 5

3126-loewe amazona bag beige 3

3125-loewe amazona bag beige 1

3124-loewe acid amazona bag 3

3123-loewe acid amazona bag 2

3122-loewe acid amazona bag 1

3121-loewe acid amazona 28 bag multicolour3

3120-loewe acid amazona 28 bag multicolour2

3119-loewe acid amazona 28 bag multicolour1

3118-light brown Celine trapeze luagge crocodile 3

3117-light brown Celine trapeze luagge crocodile 2

3116-light brown Celine trapeze luagge crocodile 1

3115-light blue3

3114-light blue2

3113-light blue1

3112-leoprad pump 03

3111-leoprad pump 02

3110-leoprad pump 01

3109-leopard 3

3108-leopard 2

3107-leopard 1

3106-lego yellow 7

3105-lego yellow 3

3104-lego yellow 2

3103-lego clutch3

3102-lego clutch2

3101-lego clutch1

3100-legao Versace Women Signature Flat Boot 03

3099-legao Versace Women Signature Flat Boot 02

3098-legao Versace Women Signature Flat Boot 01

3097-le boy vintage brass 4

3096-le boy vintage brass 3

3095-le boy vintage brass 2

3094-lancel wallet2

3093-lancel wallet1

3092-lancel bb suede bag6

3091-lancel bb suede bag4

3090-lancel bb suede bag2

3089-lancel French Flair straw-look basketweave canvas bag3

3088-lancel French Flair straw-look basketweave canvas bag2

3087-lancel French Flair straw-look basketweave canvas bag1



3084-keke lambskin waist bag embellished pendant 3

3083-keke lambskin waist bag embellished pendant 2

3082-keke lambskin waist bag embellished pendant 1

3081-keke Chanel Denim Patch Flap Bag with Star Style code A92473

3080-keke Chanel Denim Patch Flap Bag with Star Style code A92473

3079-keke A66381枣红进口油腊皮晚装包 W31×H13×D9 bag3 (2)

3078-keke A66381枣红进口油腊皮晚装包 W31×H13×D9 bag1

3077-keke A66381枣红进口油腊皮晚装包 W31×H13×D9 bag

3076-keke 16

3075-keke 07

3074-keke 03

3073-keepall 55cm5

3072-keepall 55cm3

3071-keepall 55cm2

3070-kana beige jumbo lambskin gold hardware6

3069-kana beige jumbo lambskin gold hardware3

3068-kana beige jumbo lambskin gold hardware2

3067-kana Runway Greffibi shopping Backpack13

3066-kana Runway Greffibi shopping Backpack12

3065-kana Runway Greffibi shopping Backpack11

3064-kaishen 04

3063-kaishen 02

3062-kaishen 01

3061-kaisen,stitched 尺寸25x16x7cm,真正的原单顶级好货 bag 04

3060-kaisen,stitched 尺寸25x16x7cm,真正的原单顶级好货 bag 03

3059-kaisen,stitched 尺寸25x16x7cm,真正的原单顶级好货 bag 02

3058-kaisenfaded studded calfskin flap bag13

3057-kaisenfaded studded calfskin flap bag12

3056-kaisenfaded studded calfskin flap bag11





3051-kaisen01 cordoba boy flap bag6

3050-kaisen01 cordoba boy flap bag4

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