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Quality Handbag ( Made of Real Leather ) From All Brands New Yupoo: http://doubbaobao.x.yupoo.com/albums http://no1luxury.x.yupoo.com/ Shanghai Largest Shoes-Clothing International Trading Co.,LTD We are serious and honest supplier since 2006, you can check our other buyers feedback: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/isuply/albums/5189240/ You can check our Other long term buyers’Daily Order real photos: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/isuply/categorys/none/ http://v.yupoo.com/photos/winterclothing/collections/ http://v.yupoo.com/photos/swissmadewatch/collections/ More Latest products: Homepage: Latest Sneakers http://v.yupoo.com/photos/isuply/albums/5092260/ Garment & Clothing: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/winterclothing/collections/ NB, Adidas, Hiking shoes: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/sunshinesport/albums/7484377/ Swiss movement watch: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/swissmadewatch/collections/ 1:1 Quality handbag: http://v.yupoo.com/photos/luxurychanel/collections/ How to get price and How order from our Site???: You can Download Our Order Form and then fulfill it and email back for price! Instruction: 1) Please download the EXCEL ORDER FORM Or Word Document Order Form ---2)then Fulfill the ORDER FORM with products'Link Or photos from site and size, color, quanity you need. ---3)Email the ORDER FORM to Miss Sophia: Email/MSN: shtradingservice@hotmail.com for total price! ---4)We will check whether all goods you need in stock or not and offer you price of each and total. ---5)You do the payment and then notice us payment info (WU-MTCN),(MG-Reference Number) we will send out orders within 24 hours after confirm your payment and email you tracking number! How to fulfill the ORDER FORM?? Check the following Sample Instruction: ----------------------2015 New Policy-------------------------------------- Payment: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram OR Bank Transfer (Big order by Wire transfer) Delivery way: EMS (5 to 7 business days), TNT, DHL (3days worldwide), China Post: 10usd only about 15 to 20 days NOTE: We will offer you a tracking number within 24 hours after payment is verified and then you can track your order by EMS link: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html And you will receive the items after 5 to 7 business days. thank you Discount Policy for Big order Discount Policy for Big order Order12 Items or More of The Same Item(s), We Will Provide You With a Wholesale price. -------------Latest Discount and Free shipping Policy for Big order------------ (It Is Ok To Order 1 Piece, But You Will Have To Add a $20 Shipping Fee) Order more than or equal 12 items, we will offer free shipping Via EMS to USA, Canada,UK, FRANCE, SPAIN, SINGAPORE 1.) Order 1 item is ok + $20 shipping fee Via EMS, (Or Via China Post: 10usd only, but about 15 to 20 days worldwide) 2.) Order 2-3 items + $15 Via EMS, 3.) Order 4-5 items + $10 Via EMS, 4.) Order 6-11 items: + $5 Shipping Fee, 5.) Order 12pcs Get Wholesale Price 6.) Order 16-28 items: will get 2% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 7.) Order Over 38 items: will get 4% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 8.) Order Over 58 items: will get 6% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 9.) Order Over 78 items: will get 8% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, 10.) Order over 100 items: will get 10% discount + Free shipping+ Gift, Notice: 1.) The Accessories items like CK underwear, Belts, Sunglasses, Jewelry, caps, Ties, Wallets, etc do not fit for this discount policy, thanks 2.) The above shipping fee send by EMS. If goods sent to Holland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Hungary and some other Faraway areas, only by DHL for Successful, please add 25usd~38.9USD extra shipping fee for DHL, thanks SHIPPING FEE and Return POLICY: 1: China Airmail cost less 10usd/item to worldwide, but need 10 to 20 business days 2: EMS cost few more shipping fee, but bases on weight of your order, over 12 items (besides accessories items), free shipping fee to USA, Canada, UK, france, buyers 3: DHL, FEDEX, shipping fee: 25usd to 38usd of each gift parcel, only 3 to 4 days worldwide 4: Return Policy: If there are any products which you have picked up not satsify you, please contact our Customer SERVICE Representative firstly (the email you contact for order). We will check for you immediately. If the problem from our side like size, color, quantity. WE Will resend you after you return back, thanks You Can Track Your Orders via Following Shipping Company Official Sites: EMS: http://www.ems.com.cn/ HK EMS; http://app3.hongkongpost.hk/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp DHL: http://www.dhl.com FEDEX: http://www.fedex.com UPS: http://www.UPS.COM AIRMAIL: http://www.17track.net/index_en.shtml ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If there any question, please feel free to contact Miss Sophia via email: shtradingservice@hotmail.com Or via whatsapp, kik, yahoo messenger, also skype from our site, all ok! Notice: MORE EASY TO CONTACT VIA Email or SKYPE Contact via Email, Skype, Kik, Whatsapp,Yahoo messenger, or QQ Miss Sophia via email: shtradingservice@hotmail.com Skype ID: SHTRADE.TONY Yahoo Messenger: tonycs1978 Whatsapp: +8618965578831 Kik ID: isupply_sneaker QQ: 1185297171 (please speak english, thanks) Enjoy Your Shopping Here! Sincerely Miss Sophia (GM)
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3893-xue maxi hobo1

3892-xue Nappa Convertible Bag 7

3891-xue Nappa Convertible Bag 6

3890-xue Nappa Convertible Bag 4

3889-xue Bottega Veneta Mud Intreccio Border Calf Sphere Bag 4

3888-xue Bottega Veneta Mud Intreccio Border Calf Sphere Bag 3

3887-xue Bottega Veneta Mud Intreccio Border Calf Sphere Bag 1

3886-xingfa 12

3885-xingfa 11

3884-xingfa 06

3883-xingfa side lock top handle bag3

3882-xingfa side lock top handle bag2

3881-xingfa side lock top handle bag1

3880-xiaowei掌纹 8

3879-xiaowei掌纹 14

3878-xiaowei掌纹 1




3874-xiaowei snakeskin timeless evening bag3

3873-xiaowei snakeskin timeless evening bag2

3872-xiaowei snakeskin timeless evening bag1

3871-xiaowei real snakeskin smile bag 16

3870-xiaowei real snakeskin smile bag 15

3869-xiaowei real snakeskin smile bag 14

3868-xiaowei large calfskin messenger bag3

3867-xiaowei large calfskin messenger bag2

3866-xiaowei large calfskin messenger bag1

3862-xiaowei celine python phantom luggage 5

3861-xiaowei celine python phantom luggage 4

3860-xiaowei celine python phantom luggage 2

3859-xiaowei beige suede crocodile 3

3858-xiaowei beige suede crocodile 2

3857-xiaowei beige suede crocodile 1

3856-xiaowei 87

3855-xiaowei 85

3854-xiaowei 84

3853-xiaowei 74

3852-xiaowei 73

3851-xiaowei 72

3850-xiaowei 71 python

3849-xiaowei 70 python

3848-xiaowei 65 python

3847-xiaowei 50

3846-xiaowei 46

3845-xiaowei 45

3844-xiaowei crodocile 19

3843-xiaowei crodocile 18

3842-xiaowei crodocile 17

3841-xiaowei blue suede python 3

3840-xiaowei blue suede python 2

3839-xiaowei blue suede python 1

3838-xiaowei black canvas tie 3

3837-xiaowei black canvas tie 2

3836-xiaowei black canvas tie 1

3835-xiaowei 27

3834-xiaowei 20

3833-xiaowei 11

3829-xiao beige crocodile trapeze bag1003

3828-xiao beige crocodile trapeze bag1002

3827-xiao beige crocodile trapeze bag1000




3823-xiao 14

3894-xue maxi hobo2

4088-赛琳豆腐包 02

4087-赛琳豆腐包 01

4086-虾粉 PINK 7

4085-虾粉 PINK 5

4084-虾粉 PINK 4

4083-百利 172

4082-百利 168

4081-百利 167

4080-玛百利首款防水帆布旅行布包尺寸63.47.23和55.40.23超大容量bag 14

4079-玛百利首款防水帆布旅行布包尺寸63.47.23和55.40.23超大容量bag 07

4078-玛百利首款防水帆布旅行布包尺寸63.47.23和55.40.23超大容量bag 01







4071-小薇 144

4070-小薇 143

4069-小薇 142

4068-小薇 121

4067-小薇 120

4066-小薇 119




4062-zhi 05

4061-zhi 03

4060-zhi 01

4059-yushan Celine Triangle bag 32

4058-yushan Celine Triangle bag 22

4057-yushan Celine Triangle bag 11

4056-yupan richy bag1006

4055-yupan richy bag1003

4054-yupan richy bag1001

4053-yupan Givenchy Medium Antigona 3D Geometric Figures Bag

4052-yupan Givenchy Medium Antigona 11D Geometric Figures Bag

4051-yupan Givenchy Medium Antigona 10D Geometric Figures Bag

4050-ysl tricolor Cabas Chyc Bag 3

4049-ysl tricolor Cabas Chyc Bag 2

4048-ysl tricolor Cabas Chyc Bag 1

4047-ysl logo flap chain clutch 4

4046-ysl logo flap chain clutch 2

4045-ysl logo flap chain clutch 1

4044-ysl leopard Muse Two Bags 1leopard 31cm 05

4043-ysl leopard Muse Two Bags 1leopard 31cm 04

4042-ysl leopard Muse Two Bags 1leopard 31cm 03

4041-ysl betty

4040-ysl Red Grain de Poudre Textured Matelass Leather1004

4039-ysl Red Grain de Poudre Textured Matelass Leather1003

4038-ysl Red Grain de Poudre Textured Matelass Leather1000

4037-ysl Classic Medium Betty Clous Bag 3

4036-ysl Classic Medium Betty Clous Bag 2

4035-ysl Classic Medium Betty Clous Bag 1

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