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Smart business cards keep pace with the times

Say goodbye to traditional business cards, connect to the Internet +, show new ways of communication with e-commerce

Automatically generate a poster with a small code to detonate "Friends Circle"

WeChat social sharing group to achieve fissile growth

WeChat search near the small program, visible within 5 km


Full-scale stall information display

Farewell rigid propaganda page, real-time updates and rich content

Position the stall address, open the map and start immediately

Phone, QQ, Want Want and other means of contact

New product display, main product, update at any time


Multi-channel to achieve cash flow

Multi-platform display, one-click access to the file data of the stall

Can be associated and take a personal homepage

One-click access to multiple store links such as Alibaba, Taobao, and Jingdong

Get the stall file packet faster


Big data collection opens customer source

Use big data collection to help achieve precise marketing

The applet home page can directly access the number of clicks and likes

Scan QR code to view statistics to accurately detect customer access data

Mining customer images, sources, retention, etc.