Operation of e-commerce, use Yupoo mini programs

No need to develop, one step to generate exclusive WeChat mini programs

They're all using the Yupoo Mini Program

Customer cases in various industries, scan the QR code of WeChat to view

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Mini Program Display Template,Scan and experience

Multi-type components to make your mini program fully functional and highly personalized


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  • No need to develop
  • one-click generation
  • quick build

Mini Programs, Big Business

Based on WeChat authorized development, sharing 1 billion flow of dividends, low cost and high yield

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How to have your own WeChat mini programs ?

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Use Yupooto make mini programs easily, just four steps and have it instantly!

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    Registered Account In the WeChat platform Apply for a registration mini programs
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    Rapid production Mini Program Quickly create a mini programs
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    Submit for review Submit mini program To WeChat for audit
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    Released online Audit passed Mini programs can be on-line

More suitable for small and medium businesses of mini programs

  • fastOnline
    Fast Online Templated mini programs, completed in accordance with the needs editing You can submit an audit and release it quickly
  • easyOperate
    Easy to Operate No need for development experience and design capability, all achieved Visualization, one-key easy to get
  • easyOperate
    Content Synchronization Synchronize yuPoo background data, content does not need to be uploaded repeatedly, and achieve unified management of the platform
  • easyOperate
    Flexible customization Functional content is implemented in a componentized form, Highly automated customization to create exclusive features
  • easyOperate
    WeChat Promotion Combine with WeChat and easily use WeChat flow Get customers, fast transactions, perfect experience
  • easyOperate
    Statistics Understand your own mini prorams user data and increase your growth rate Analysis of retention, master user habits

Making mini programs, use Yupoo

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